Founder Member of Lanka Help And Development Foundation.

- Mr. B. G. Chandrasekera, BA, Dip in Edu, SLES, Rtd Principal

We expect to see smiles in the faces of all the people of Sri Lanka. Our mission to provide proper education as well as daily care for the children in need from the remote areas and doing rehabilitation work.We work tirelessly towards the growth and happiness of the people. LHDF was started on 26th August 2005 by Mr.Gamini Chandrasekara, a retired Principal together with Ravi Chandrasiri who is a Sri Lankan living in Netherlands. All human beings, whatever nationality, sex, rethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status they are all equally entitled to human rights without discrimination. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity. Human rights, as commonly understood, are the rights that every human being is entitled to enjoy life freely.



To build a reconstructed Sri Lanka, it is necessary to change attitudes and values that are self destructive and defeating and promote harmonious progressive, conflict free, non political non racial, multi cultural consolidated society without any religion or ethnic discrimination and barriers. We need a society where every individual feel that they are all partners in national progress and development for a better tomorrow.


Since all visions fade if there is no dedicated mission. Vision will be manifested in the practical field and give all citizens of Sri Lanka tangible evidence of our dream by building, Schools, hospitals, Training Centers, Libraries, and other social economic development programs. So that the potentials of the people can be converted to actuality.



“All for one and one for all, sharing and learning in a joined efforts.”


Main objectives of the Lanka Help and Development Foundation is to help people who are affected due to floods, natural disasters, landslides and earth quakes and other tragedies. Also the organization is concerned with the people who have affected due to the 30 years prevailing long civil war situation in the country. Many women and children have become destitute due to the war because their father or husband had died in the conflict. Organization is committed to the needs of and promote the health and welfare of poor persons, orphans, destitute, mentally retarded and physically handicapped and sick people.


In order to improve education facilities for rural communities in Sri Lanka, we have built School buildings, class rooms, Laboratories, Libraries and Children’s’ playgrounds etc. Team work alongside with proactive local communities and volunteers we were able to implement these charity works.